Songs 4 Solace

Tonight, I went to “Songs 4 Solace” concert series at Taj Lounge in Chelsea.  Singers, dancers, comedians, and poets all performed. There wasn’t a lot of people in this beautiful lounge, but the show still went on.

As someone with no musical, or any type of performing talents, I try not to judge others with this type of courageous talent because I understand it is hard to get up in front of people and perform.  So I will just leave it at, I had fun hanging with my friends and chit-chatting.

Out of all the artist showcased, I really enjoyed Bonita… So check her out, I posted her new video below!!! I took a couple of pictures, also below (most are blurry, sorry)!

I will be heading to DC this weekend, so maybe I will document it for you guys or maybe not 😉 ..

Until next time xoxo

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