SWV “I Missed Us” Album Listening Party

Tonight, I attended SWV’s “I Missed Us” album listening party.  Held at Jungle City Studios in Chelsea, this was a wonderful event.  The crowd was great, around 50-75 ppl, and everyone really seemed to be enjoying the new material from the popular 90’s girl group.

SWV looked great and I personally think their album sounds amazing.  I wasn’t really paying attention to their new stuff, but after tonight I am definitely looking forward to the album!  The album really has that classic 90’s R&B feel, which I don’t know about you,  but I’ve been missing that.  The title song was one of my favorites, it is such a great ballet.

I loved the fact that they mingled with the crowd and didn’t hold back with the crowd.  They were honest when it came to answering questions and tried to make everyone feel welcomed. Over all it was a great event and I am glad I was able to attend.  I am also glad the ladies are back and I will definitely be buying their new album on April 17th (as should you).  Here is the video for their first single 🙂

Until next time, xoxo!!!!

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