S.O.T.W. “I Heart You” by Toni Braxton

This song is EVERYTHINGGGG!!!!! From when I first heard it (Friday, the day it was released) until now, I can not stop playing it!!!! I don’t even like the dance/techno music that everyone is putting out now, but for some reason I love this song!  Her voice, the beat, it just makes me want to DANCE. Miss Toni is back with a vengeance.  The best part is she wrote and produced it herself, go ahead Toni, LOL.  Another amazing thing about this song is that she released it for free!!!!  Click here to download it! I bet you will be boobing your head all week, possibly all month!!!

On another note, these last three weeks, I have been going Brunch crazy!!! I already told you guys about Garage.  Two weeks ago, I went to POCO in LES.  This place was EXCELLENT, I definitely suggest it to everyone, the Lobster Mac & Cheese is to die for.  Small tip, make sure you make reservations.  This past Saturday, I went to Vintage in Hells Kitchen.  This place was good, more of a bar seen, drinks were great, food okay.  The best part about this place was that the brunch was pretty darn cheap :-).

Until next time xoxo

P.S. make sure you let THE WORLD know about this SONG, it is just so good! LOL

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