Elude 2012 Fashion Show

So last night, I went out to support a friend whose collection was featured in the Elude 2012 Fashion Show.  The show was hosted by Angela Yee and DJ Norie of Power 105.1 at Club Rebel in Midtown and had about 10 designers in it.   I went to see my friends designs, T.G. Bascombe Collection, which were great.

Some of the fashions, I could see people rocking others I could not see at all.  But hey I am no fashion critic,  I am positive most, if not all, of these designers have potential.  Maybe I will see one of the designers on one of those fashion design reality TV shows!

I will say this, it is nothing like seeing your friend or someone you know take their craft and/or talent to the next level!  If that is not motivation, then I don’t know what is!

Anyways I had a great Saturday night, meet some great people, and wish all the designers the best of luck!!!!!!! (Sorry for the bad pictures, I was sitting in an awkward place :-/ )




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