“The Block Party: Leap Day Edition” By South Shore Social Club

New Yorker’s will party for anything!!!  I saw so many parties in honor of the leap year.  I decided to stay local and hung out in Brooklyn last night.  When I came across The Block Party, I thought this should be interesting since it is still the middle of winter and most block parties happen in summer.

Thrown by South Shore Social Club, SSSC, @ Free Candy, “The Block Party” was definitely more than what I expected, but it wasn’t the typical block party (I was kind of disappointed lol 😦 ).  Sponsored by Brooklyn Brewery, this was a great hip-hop event.  With performances by up-and-coming artist and established artist, the vibe was amazing.

The venue caught me off guard, when you walk-in it literally looks like you are walking into a loading deck of a warehouse.  But once you’re in the neon colors and crazy artwork gives this warehouse a completely different vibe.  The music was great (mostly old school hip-hop), free beer, and a fashionable crowd; what better way to celebrate a day that only comes once every four years!

Overall I had fun and glad that I did not overlook this event, looking forward to the next one!


Follow: SSSC – @triple_SC ; The performers: Rockwell Knuckles – @RockyKnuckles ; The Paxtons – @ThePaxtons  ; Sincere DaVinci – @sinceredavinci ; Vanache – @VANACHE_VIDA ; Boola – @boolagotbeat  ; We Stole The Show  @wsts1

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