So today after work something EXTREMELY EMBARRASSING happen to me!  I had to run by the post office to mail a letter.  While buying a stamp I suddenly got the urge to pee, and for some reason sober or drunk I can not hold my bladder at all.  So after the machine took 30 YEARS to print my stamp, I jetted across the street to go pee.  When I got to the restroom both the men and women restrooms were locked, so I jet to another bathroom upstairs inside a Qdoba and of course both restrooms are locked again.  So now I’m like fuck where can I go, mind you the urge is on full blast now.  I run out of Qdoba (which happens to be right next to the entrance of three busy trains) and right when I hit the door, it just comes out! I am not talking just a squirt, I am talking full on river, to the point to where I can see it squirting out of my pants!  What makes it worst is I am wearing blue slacks and rain boots.  So now my pants are sticking to me AND all the pee is dripping into my rain boots so I am basically walking in piss!

So now I have to walk, with pissy pants and boots, into Duane Reade to buy a bottle of water and some pajama pants!  Of course they only have red and white stripe pants and they have no restrooms! So I walked next door to Subway to change my pants!  I can now add walking the hall of shame in Subway on my list! To add to everything on my way back to the train I run into a colleague, who of course asked why I am wearing a pea coat, pj pants, and rain boots! I could not help but laugh and tell her the story.  To make matters even more worst out of all the days my roommate gets on the same train as me and I have to explain myself over!

So yes, I have now joined the list of people who pee’d on themselves in NYC, LOL! Moral of the story before you leave anywhere in NY make sure you pee because there is no telling when the next bathroom while come up! Or you can check out these handy videos I found on YouTube teaching you how to pee public, below!  (maybe I should of watched these before hand LMAO)

P.S. to anyone who sat next to me on either of the two trains I take home from work (during rush hour I might add) I apologize for the smelly train ride home :-/

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