Art, Culture, and Technology Meet Up

So tonight, I went to an event I found out about through a very useful website called  A friend of mine told me about this great group on there called the “Art, Culture, & Technology” group.  Their event tonight was a panel discussion on Social Media and how artist can use it to their … Continue reading

Social Media Week’s Opening VIP Reception Hosted by Nokia

Tonight, I went to the VIP Opening Reception for Social Media Week, which was actually a BLAST!  I say “actually” because I thought I would be around a bunch of techies and be bored out of my mine.  Boy was I WRONG!  Held at the Greenwich Village Country Club, this place was amazing… We were … Continue reading

S.O.T.W “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” – Whitney Houston

In honor of one the greatest voices of my time…. The Song Of The Week goes to Miss Whitney Elizabeth Houston (8/9/63-2/11/12)!  Since V-Day is this week, hope you all get to dance with someone you love and to her memory 🙂 Have a blessed week!!!!!!

Art Gallery Type of Night

So tonight I decided to keep it simple and not go to any major events.  I got an email from an art gallery, I randomly discovered about a month ago, promoting the opening of a new exhibit. Now every New Yorker knows there are three things you must do once a month, at the very … Continue reading

Sound & Style Event Series (Volume One)

Tonight, 2/8/12, I went to an INCREDIBLE event called Sound & Style Series (Volume One) presented by Reebok Classics, Inspiration by Monster Cable, Hip Hop Nation (Sirius/XM) and Simone “Boss Lady” Amelia. The event  showcased up-and-coming female hip-hop stars and paid homage to iconic women in hip-hop. Hosted by Simone “Boss Lady” Amelia, at a … Continue reading