Portable’s “Fashion On Film Party”

Last night, I went to a great event by Portable.tv called Fashion On Film. It was a wonderful event that featured 12 short films by different directors all based around fashion.  Held at the fabulous Tribeca Grand Hotel and sponsored by Russian Standard Vodka (which meant open vodka bar!), this was definitely a GREAT event.

All of the films were good, most of them very artsy.  My favorite film was “What’s Up” directed by Gia Coppola.  I loved this one because it had a little comedy, great styling, and it was set in LA 😀 !  You can click here to get the full list of films played and even watch some of them.

This event was great for networking and also a good place to get some inspiration.  I love going to events in NYC, for two reason: to look at the different individual styles and to get inspired to better myself.  This city is full of stylish ambitious people!

Overall good films, good drinks, free popcorn, and stylish people …. What more could I ask for????


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