Shopping + Brunch = :-D









So today my roommates and I did what any New Yorkers would do on a beautiful Sunday…


Oh the joys of new clothes and bottomless mimosas… I could do it every day!

We went to the West Village, which is always a good place for both.  We stopped by the Freeman Sports Club’s sample sale and also went by BookMarc.  BookMarc is a great place to look at little nik-naks that Marc Jacobs has come out with and also to check out some awesome books!  We randomly walked past Freeman Sports Club and saw they had a sample sale going, so decided to check it out.  It was pretty good, but only for the fellas, sorry ladies! The only thing that sucked, like most NY stores, both stores are small and can get pretty crowded!

We then attempted to go to one of our favorite brunch place, CaliU, but it was close due to water-pipe damage 😦 , so we went to Garage.  A pretty decent place that has a live jazz band, which always makes the atmosphere better.  The ups: live jazz, pretty cheap, you can get Mimosas, Screwdrivers, or Bloody Marys.  The downs: you only get bottomless for one hour!!! What also sucked was our waitress wasn’t really friendly and was kind of a stickler, but hey the more you drink the less you care!

Over all it was a great NYC day!

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