Honors English’s “State Of The Art” Album Release Party

So last night, I randomly went to a mixtape release party that I found out about at the last-minute.  It was for Honor English’s new mixtape “State Of The Art”.  The crowd was a typical New York hip-hop crowd, which can have its ups and downs, depending on the person.  I didn’t stay for long, still recovering from the weekend, but my time there was fun.  I love the fact that they played mainstream hip-hop songs mixed in with the mixtape songs, which means I wasn’t sitting around listening to a bunch of songs I did not know.  The only way I could tell if it was a song from the mixtape, was when all the guys started standing and rapping every word to the song.  This was a good thing, because their music fit right in the rotation or the DJ just knew what he was doing, lol.

It was hosted by Lowkey & DJ Meka of www.2dopeboyz.com and was held at Chystie141 in Downtown Manhattan.  Overall I enjoyed my short time there.  Next time I will be in the mood to party :-).  I also forgot my camera, so no picture 😦 soooorrrrrrrryyyyyyy!!!!

Anyways, until next time kids!

p.s.  I would like to thank one of my good friends, for giving me a little pep-talk and putting me back in focus. It is nothing like having friends who will keep you on track and always have your best interest at heart!

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