Art, Culture, and Technology Meet Up

So tonight, I went to an event I found out about through a very useful website called  A friend of mine told me about this great group on there called the “Art, Culture, & Technology” group.  Their event tonight was a panel discussion on Social Media and how artist can use it to their advantage.  The panel consisted of some pretty interesting individuals:

The event overall was okay.  It almost felt like it was an artist showcase.  The first hour was each person talking about what they are involved in, the other hour or so was just a panel discussion.  The room was  filled with Visual Artist, go figure.  They had more beer and snacks than my local corner store which always makes an event better. It was also was sponsored by Tumblr, one of my favorite social media websites, check my tumblr page out :-).

Overall , it was a great event, just really didn’t pertain to me.  If I was a painter, graphic artist, serious photographer or something of that nature, then maybe I would of been a little more interested.  But , each there own. I sometimes do wish I was a little more creative in that nature, but we can’t be creative in everything 🙂

The event did make me realize how popular social media is.  I’ve been using social media for a while, but never took it to seriously.  I was one of those people who used twitter as a form of text messaging, Facebook replaced my phone calls, etc etc.  Until recently I didn’t learn how useful social media can be to the arts and also to major company’s.  Artist aren’t carrying around portfolios anymore, they are handing out business cards with links to their Tumblr or FB fan pages.  One of the guys said something to the lines of, in the old days you had to take an art history class to figure out what has been done before, now you can just click on another website an figure it out.  That is so true.  It is just so funny how people use social media for different things, some to actually broadcast their talents to the world, others to feel like their opinion is heard, others just to simply feel connected to the world.  It is actually kind of interesting once you really think about it… When I left I asked myself two questions:

  1. What social media circle/s are you in?
  2. Which social media circle/s do you want to be in?

It actually made me think… Hey they say it is the way of the future, since their is an app for everything… Well anyway until next time loves!!!

(on a totally different note… I will be going back to the west coast for the next couple of days, LA & Vegas, so I won’t be blogging until next week… Don’t miss me to much, I will give you a round up of my trip:-) when I get back!)

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