Social Media Week’s Opening VIP Reception Hosted by Nokia

Tonight, I went to the VIP Opening Reception for Social Media Week, which was actually a BLAST!  I say “actually” because I thought I would be around a bunch of techies and be bored out of my mine.  Boy was I WRONG!  Held at the Greenwich Village Country Club, this place was amazing… We were on the roof top, which had an indoor mini goof (or as east coaster say put-put golf) course, pool table, air hockey, bocca ball, table hockey, and a shuffle board.  Below us was a full blown bowling alley! What more could you ask for?? And yes, it was a covered roof top, so we were not freezing up there :-).

The place was pretty pack, full of marketing, advertising, and other professionals.  Definitely a great place to network and meet people in the marketing/P.R./advertising world!  It was also open bar, which always makes networking more fun and easy!

Over all, it was a great time spent!  I had fun playing the different games and embracing my inner child, which I found to be a good way to forget about a long day at work.  In addition to Nokia, the event was sponsored by some pretty cool apps, such as Groundlink, which allows you to have a car pick you up, take you to your destination, and pay for the service all on your phone.

You can check out the other Social Media Week events going on this week, by clicking here for the official schedule.  They have a plethora of events going on every day at all times, so be sure to check out at least one.   Also you don’t have to miss out if you are not in NYC, this is a global event, so check to see if your city is having events also!

Until next time… toodles…

Sorry for the bad pictures, I forgot my camera at home and I had to use my cellphone, which wasn’t working well with the lighting 😦

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