Art Gallery Type of Night

So tonight I decided to keep it simple and not go to any major events.  I got an email from an art gallery, I randomly discovered about a month ago, promoting the opening of a new exhibit. Now every New Yorker knows there are three things you must do once a month, at the very least: brunch, visit a park, and go to a museum/art gallery (well besides shopping and going out of course).

I started off at the Charles Bank Gallery in SOHO for the Garrett Pruter solo exhibition called “Mixed Signals”.   I knew I had to go once I saw he was originally from California, always got to support the home team :-).  His art work is very good, I could actually imagine some of them as designs for a hip t-shirt company.  The room was pretty crowded, which is always good for meeting new people.  Definitely enjoyed my time, hey with free wine, his art could of sucked and I would of still enjoyed my time!  You can check out more of Garrett Pruter work featured in Bullet Magazine.

I then headed across the street to the New Museum, which is free on Thursday.  Since I only had 15 mins to explore (they close at 9), I just went to Enrico David “Head Gas” exhibit.  I love his work also, if I had thousands of dollars to blow on art, I would purchase one of his canvas (I sound so artsy LOL).

Over all I had a lot of fun and it was a great way to spend my evening… Besos!!!!!

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