“New Year, New You” hosted by ColorBars

Tonight, I went to another networking event hosted by ColorBars, a wonderful organization that helps support and bring together people of color who work in media, communication, and entertainment. It was held at the cozy MercBar in SoHo. The relaxing environment made it a great place to mingle with people who held various positions at a variety of companies.

I particularly like this event, because unlike other mixers I have been to, this one was actually very open to conversations. The room was filled with people conversing, exchanging contact information, and business cards were definitely being handed out. Even if you were looking to get into the media/entertainment field, it was still a welcoming environment. They even had hiring representatives from a couple of big name companies in attendance ;-). Even the hosts were walking around talking to people, making them feel comfortable and even helping people make connections with other professionals there.

Overall it was a successful event and I am really glad I was in attendance. Here are some great networking tips the organization passed out:

  1. Arrive early and have a game plan.
  2. Have an elevator pitch ready…a 30 second message about who you are and what you do.
  3. Mingle. Don’t wait for other people to walk up to you.
  4. It’s not (always) about you. Try to provide as much value to the listener as you possibly can.
  5. Go beyond your industry. Don’t dismiss anyone as irrelevant.
  6. Be memorable. Reconnecting will be easier when they remember you.
  7. Keep in touch with your network and build a relationship before you ask for assistance.
  8. Have business cards on hand.
  9. Follow up with your new connections, but keep your emails short and to the point.
  10. Don’t apply any expectations – the first stage to building your network is building relationships.

Until next time.. xoxo

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