Night Out For Drinks

So last night (1/27) a friend and I decided to go to the movies… Of course we had to get drinks before (like true New Yorker’s)… Since we were going to the Union Square theater we did what any person our age would do… Google “bars in Union Square” of course!!! We ended up at a couple of place… So here is my run down:

The first bar we decided to go to was Park Bar  on 15th, (since it had decent yelp reviews)… This bar would have been great except the fact that it was beyond packed and it was pretty darn tiny.  Who would have known other ppl had the same idea as us on a Friday at 6pm *insert sarcasm* …. The crowd seemed pretty cool, late 20’s to mid 30’s working ppl. We didn’t stay very long because we wanted a place to sit and be able to enjoy our drinks, but I definitely put it on my list of places to hang-out and mingle.

We venture on to 17th to a bar called Lillie‘s… Nice Victorian themed bar, pretty spacious, buuuuuut it was more packed than Park Bar, so as you imagine we were in and out… crowd was older, but trendy.  It could be a great place to mingle and network, but I won’t be in a rush to go back there anytime soon.  It was more of an older crowd of professional.. on 2nd note – maybe I should go back, I might meet a CEO of a Fortune 500 company there!! LOL

Last we went to place, that we actually blindly walked past going to Lillie’s, called Republic.  We saw a sign that said happy hour from 4p – 7p and 10p – close, it didn’t look that busy so it was a winner.  It is actually an “Asian Fusion” restaurant with a bar.  Their saying is “Think Noodle” (on the back of the waiters shirts it even said “Noodle is the new black”) and they even have pretty cool pictures of people interacting with noodles (don’t judge me).  I didn’t really look at the menu because I was too blinded by the drink menu, with 6$ specialty drinks and 4$ beers who wouldn’t be????  The food did look good though and the atmosphere was great.  This is definitely a place to meet up with friends and grab food and a drink or 3 before a good night out!

Overall it was a great night and great adventures… Until next time loveys!!!! 🙂

Song Of The Night : One Republic – Good Life

One Response to “Night Out For Drinks”
  1. Georgette says:

    I heart Republic. Always my go to place of places! I especially get down with their raw carrot and beet juice. JUDGE ME! 😉

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