Bacardi 150 Anniversary

So last night I was invited to the 150 anniversary party for Bacardi, by a wonderful friend of mine, Georgette Pierre.   Now being that two of my favorite hobbies (as you will quickly learn) are going out and drinking (guilty as charged), I could not say NO.  When I found out this event was in the Conde Nast building in Times Square, my jaw DROPPED.  this will be my first chance to walk in the same elevator as Anna Wintor, Jim Nelson, Andre Leon Talley, etc…. OH HONEY WHERE DO I SIGN UP?????????

Nothing was stopping me from going to this event; not my friend canceling on me the last minute or the horrible “I want to rain, but not really sure how to rain” weather we were having.  Being nervous and not liking time square, of course, I got lost and walked into the wrong building.  After the nice security guard told me I was around the corner from the Conde Nast building, I finally made it.  To be honest, they could of never let me in the event and I would of just been fine with stepping in the building lobby LOL.

The event was amazing, nice small intimate crowd, wonderful drinks and appetizers (which were complementary, always a PLUS) , and amazing staff/host.  Two big differences I have notice between LA and NYC:

  • The snobbish “I won’t talk to you unless you talk to me first” attitude, DOES NOT WORK HERE.
  • NEVER judge a person on their appearance!

With that being said I had a great time at this networking event, put together by the Zeno Group.  I was able to meet wonderful people and enjoy some great cocktails.  When I first moved here, I really didn’t know how to approach people at these events, like what am I suppose to say “Hi I am Chris, what do you do?”  But I soon learned that is EXACTLY what I am suppose to say.  One of my staple conversation starters is always asking the person about how they got to where they are, ie “How did you get involved in that?” or “So what got you interested in this line of work?” Not because I am nosey, but because I have always been intrigued by peoples journeys and it gives me a chance to learn and to find common ground.  Need less to say I had some great conversations and left being very inspired.

Overall I am glad and grateful to have been able to attend this event.  I don’t know if it was being in the Conde Nast building, being around so many professionals, or all the drinks but something made me come out more confident and motivated!  NYC this time you were good to me 🙂 !

Side note: This is my first post 🙂 .  I will try to post every time I do something exciting, whether its going to an event, a great restaurant, fun bar/club, crazy date, etc…  I have a couple of events lined up in the next couple of days, so hopefully you will hear from me soon..


Quote of the night “As long as I have something I can do that feeds my soul, you know my inter-passion, then going to a job that is simply paying my bills would not be so bad”

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